This is a local Australian brand for the young and fashionable. Jumping off the traditional constraints, it is of distinctive style, comfort and a unique sense of design, but at the same time inherits the classic beauty.

With the enhancement of female beauty as our imperative, The Lethe is designed clearly, concisely and uniquely and is dedicated to strict quality control. All of our materials are imported from the most trusted manufacturers , where the fabric is developed under uncompromising measures, while focusing on the combination of modernism and tradition, and further improved by the latest advanced eco-friendly technology with the aim of the extreme perfection.

We choose the most comfortable fabrics to ensure that our product brings a cozy and pleasant experience. Having been designed with full attention to details and peerless skills by our leading American designers, the style of our product is of unmissable elegance, fashion and quality. Even the tiniest parts, such as pins and thrums, are handled with so much care, creating masterpieces, which are so comfortable to wear.

The overall cut is performed personally by renowned professional masters, displaying dynamics and perfection in all three dimensions. Enjoy your beautiful The Lethe piece “ A modern style combined with low-key grandeur.

We can choose to forget,
Or to remember.
It is now the time to make the right choice.
Give yourself that ultimate answer,
Remember the beauty from the past
And leave behind the drama of the old days.
Oblivion River,
It is a new beginning